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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm just starting.

heyhye there. im just starting here.
let me introduce myself first.
this blog was named " BUBBLYBIELA "
as my BFF named this to me :) ( thank to Fatin Hidayah)
i am green LOVER.
nothing much just green make me feel harmony:)
i love natures!
thats y i love to take photo:)
sky.trees.ocean.whoa! mostly..sunshines.sunset.


im kinda a little bit friendly.
ahaha. just be friend with me.
let me know abt u more..!
&& we gonna be a friend.
perhaps..more than a friend!hee. keep in touch :)

im kinda LOVE to eat. haha
i heart : fruits (i can't reject it! )
: nasi goreng pattaya
: chicken CHOP:D
: ABC / Cendol
: Lollypop ( someone owe this) hee c;
: anything tht i like:D mostly like lah.

want to know abt me more. ask me!
i am a MALAY girl.
boleh berbahasa melayu sekali!

-all about me-
> BuBBLyBoOBieLaLeLoLaBoringLah<

Terima Kasih kerana sudi mendengar kongsian saya! ~BuBBLyBieLaAppRiCiaTeit:)

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