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Friday, April 22, 2011

he inspired me :)

i wrote this for someone who are very interesting in medic
when i knew that MARA need an essay..
i spend my time about whole week just searching abt medic.
until.. i found someone tht can really help me:)
* i sent him a message :

April 21 at 5:47pm
i'm intersted with medic, now waiting for IPTA.
can i know, wht course u r taken now? in india?
is tht any specialists?

hopefully u can help me on this case as i still blur abt my future-.-''
pls.pls. my interview is nxt week!
pls and TQ!

Aaron Alpero April 22 at 7:06pm Report
well i am doing my 3rd year mbbs now as in bachelor of surgery and bachelor of medicine.

this is a 5.5 years course. this is just bachelor in surgery and medicine if u wished to pursue on any specialist field then u cn do that upon completing your mbbs course.

after i graduating im going to have a double degree in surgery n as well as in medicine so i can choose wheter to be a surgeon or physician. and its slightly different from MD course. cos for MD u will only have a degree as a physician if im not mistaken.

this is a very tough course. not only u need to be interested in doing it. but u have to be tough as well. and i mean very very tough. u are going to face a lot of pressure from studying and everything and being interested is not gonna make the cut at this point. u have to be physically as well as mentally prepare.

studying medic is not only for u to show off ur degree but whats important is u r giving away and dedicated ur life.

Aaron Alpero April 22 at 7:13pm Report
ur life in attending peoples life and ensuring them for a brighter day ahead. you r dealing with peoples life and so the risk is high and u cant afford to make even a slightest mistake but then again in the end of the day ... the joy of seeing the smile in that peoples life is what matter the most. and that u have given them a second chance in life thats what make this profession a truly nice experience.

so if u really wanna do this then go ahead jump. but if u hesitate then then dont do it cos u dont wanna get stuck in the middle of it realising tha tu have made the biggest mistake in ur life. i admit it. sometimes its hard. and sometimes i feel like giving up. but the sheer pleasure from seeing those smile in those people faces is what makes me want to do this for whatever reason it gives me not to.

so the choice is yours. ;) all the best !

p/s r u from mrsm kk as well ?
and btw MBBS is only a degree. if u want to pursue a specialist u have to complete the degree first and then do the housemanship for 2 years then u can sit for the examination for pursuing specialist.


he really help me a lot about this.!
just i can share some info about medic in india only :)
hope u will find the best choice in your life!

ps: maybe there is some grammar error/ broken english ! just ignore it.

credits to Wan Nurashikin (mostly), Amiratul Athirah, Amirah ramli , Zahirah Mustahapa for helping me abt this~


Terima Kasih kerana sudi mendengar kongsian saya! ~BuBBLyBieLaAppRiCiaTeit:)

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