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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MUET speaking test October 2011

Hello there.
Alrite. today i would like to share my experience .

mine was
time : 11.00 a.m
venue: SMK Alam Megah

whoa! butterflies in my stomach!
at 1st, nervous.i wished this would finish quickly . hopefully.
Yet i'm done with satisfactions :) great. (perhaps..)
now "TAWAKAL" for the result!


in 1 room.
All candidates gathered. we had been quarantined.
even, hand phone were put in one place
( as precaution not cheating during examination was started)
All of us suppose to be 16 candidates, however 2 candidates were absent.
so, the 1st 2 groups were 4 candidates, & the rest were 3 candidates.

mine was the 3rd group with 3 candidates.
Alhamdulillah. mine started at 12++pm

TASK A (individual)
(2 minutes to prepare. 2 minutes to present)

Situation given : Students face many challenges during study abroad.
..the greatest challenge for student have to face is..

candidates :
A . Homesickness (me)
B . Language barrier ( a Chinese science teacher )
C . Finacial Aid (my senior :)
D . Cultural different ( no candidate )

my advise for task A.
talk as much as u can! give at least 2 points/reasons.
1st. greetings to examiners & candidates.
2nd. state the situation given
3rd. The best idea of this situation is...
4th. gives 3 points. (includes discourse markers, elaboration, examples)

TASK B ( Group discussion)
(2 minutes to prepare. and bcoz of our group have 3 candidates only, the time to discuss only about 7.30 min.)

me as candidate A plays the role.
good example to start conversation..:)
i started with repeat the situation back.

" okays..Let's begin. Let's tackle the issue of..."
i changed my mind to choose the idea of candidate B.
even herself stick with her point.
but somehow candidate C argued with us.
yet, at the end.. candidate C agree with us that the greatest challenge was "language barrier"

done.. 12.50pm. :) tawakal+doa

those for who not take MUET..
Break A leg!!! :)

want more tips??

Terima Kasih kerana sudi mendengar kongsian saya! ~BuBBLyBieLaAppRiCiaTeit:)

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